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Join our American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team

We need your help to stamp out Cancer and help those fighting the battle.

Come out to the track at Mira Costa College in Oceanside on April 28th-29th, 2018 for this amazing 24 hour relay.    Join our team!!

We need you to meet our goal of having someone on the track for the full 24 hours.  Cancer never sleeps!   Join and we will contact you.

Join Team Souther 

If those dates don’t work for you, please donate to one of our accounts.  (be a hero and donate to all!)

Donate to Liv’s relay:  Liv 

Donate to Emma’s relay:  Emma 

Donate to Dylan’s relay:  Dylan 

Donate to Kim’s relay:  Kim 

Donate to Tom’s relay:  Tom  

No competition here!    HA!    The one of us who collects the most to help fight cancer gets a special prize to be determined by management.